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Welcome to the online community of the B-PEACE for Jorge Campaign, an effort of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts to address the root causes of violence.

In John’s Gospel, the first gift of the risen Christ to his frightened disciples was God’s peace.  Christ sends us out with the gift of peace, just as he sent out our ancestors in the faith.  Every one of us can be a bearer of peace in eastern Massachusetts and beyond.

From the mass killings in places like Aurora in Colorado, Newtown in Connecticut, and Charleston in South Carolina, to the injustice of police brutality in Ferguson, Cleveland and Staten Island, to the senseless murders of children and teenagers on American city streets, including our own in Boston, Lynn, Brockton and New Bedford–the violence which is everywhere in our country profoundly touches all of us.

B-PEACE is a program of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. 

B-PEACE stands for:

Bishop’s Action Steps Toward Peace:
Programs for youth
Employment for teens and young adults
Academic excellence in public schools
Communities for families
End to gun violence