Pictured: Teen Organizers Tahnaree Evans, Dominick Jackson and Jhanel Potts.

On Thursday afternoon, the B-PEACE for Jorge teen organizers joined with  about 30 people from local churches (including many clergy), police officers and community members met in front of Grant A.M.E. Church for a neighborhood walk for peace and an end to street violence. The route crossed Washington Street and wound through Ramsay Park, where B-PEACE teen organizers have been involved in a campaign to increase neighborhood safety.  “I 11539175_1453498551639830_8949369691651059074_owas proud to walk through Ramsay Park, because people were noticing the art we had created over the summer. The point of the mural and the tiles was to make people feel safer in Ramsay Park.” said B-PEACE teen organizer Tahnaree Evans.
Law enforcement officers and members of the clergy introduced themselves to residents in the Lenox-Camden housing development and lead prayers for peace and an end to violence in the neighborhood.  “These walks bring everyone together,” said neighborhood resident and B-PEACE organizer Jhanel Potts.  “A lot of people feel some type of way about the cops. Cops were there and nothing bad happened, no one got arrested, so people felt more like they could trust cops.  And get the sense that not all cops are bad and we can trust some of them.” 1022151640B-PEACE organizer Dominick Jackson agreed, “It was awesome to see people I haven’t seen in a long time and to see that lots of people I know care about my neighborhood. And that we were talking about  the problem of violence in the community and people had to listen.”
Clergy and law enforcement are teaming up to organize a series of walks in neighborhoods throughout the city in response to the uptick in violence this summer, with the goal of strengthening community-police relationships to reduce neighborhood violence.

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