B-PEACE, along with other representatives from Boston and Connecticut, joined other leaders in Chicago last week for a press conference at the International Association of Police Chiefs Conference.  Together with interfaith clergy members, community leaders, and police chiefs, the group delivered a clear message: gun manufacturers need to be held accountable.  The press conference was convened to tell the thousands of police chiefs in Chicago to use their buying power to demand that gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Beretta, and Glock do their part to make the industry safer.   

This action was part of a larger campaign, Do Not Stand Idly By (DNSIB), which takes its name from Leviticus 19:16.  80 Chiefs, Mayors, Governors, and Federal Officials have already signed on to the DNSIB agreement, which asks gun manufacturers to be transparent with their distribution practices and invest in smart gun technologies to improve gun safety.  Nine of these 80 officials are from Massachusetts.  To learn more about DNSIB and see if your representative has signed on, visit http://donotstandidlyby.org/.  

The action in Chicago was energizing and exciting for the fight against gun violence, a movement that has faced setbacks in the past year.  It was one of the first actions in which police commissioners were leading actors instead of passive supporters.  The crowd of supporters, which was over 150, was truly interfaith and had a strong representation by clergy members.  The CEOs of the four biggest gun companies were identified by name and their pictures were held up as they were called out for refusing to reply to the request for information signed by so many elected and public officials.  

The action was also given great attention in the press from WGNNBC, and ABC

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