“What I got out of the State Hearing was it was not as formal as I was expecting. It was serious and cool because I’ve never experienced something like it before, but people were on their phones and media people were literally crawling on the floor to put their microphones closer to the speakers. The legislators from the State House (half of them) seemed really uninterested which made me mad, but then again they were going to have to be there for 4 hours. The other half genuinely seemed concerned and were willing to change their stance after hearing people talk. There were a lot of supporters there for gun control all wearing orange which was also neat to see people using the power of democracy to voice their opinions. An elderly woman thanked us on our way out and said how important it is for the youth to show up to things like this which really struck me. That is so true. We are the age to change things and we need to start getting more involved because the majority of the people there were over the age of 50.” -Lindsay Holmes, Boston College ’21

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