Month Youth Events Intergenerational (Youth & Adult) Events Adult Events           
  • 17th: Building the Dream event at St. Luke’s (201 Washington Ave, Chelsea)
  • 24th: LDI training from 9-5 at Church of the Redeemer (379 Hammond St, Chestnut Hill)
  • 27th: Youth Leadership Training at St. Stephen’s from 6-7pm (419 Shawmut Ave, Boston)
  • 18th: Ending Racism Symposium at Trinity from 1:30-4:30pm (206 Clarendon St, Boston)
  • 19th: MLK Day of Service at the Blackstone School (380 Shawmut Ave, Boston)
  • 3rd: Youth Leadership Workshop II at St. Stephen’s from 6-7pm (419 Shawmut Ave, Boston)
  • 10th: Youth Leadership Workshop III at St. Stephen’s from 6-7pm (419 Shawmut Ave, Boston)
  • 19th: Youth Jobs Rally at 11am at Old South Church (645 Boylston St, Boston)
  • 3rd: Trauma and resiliency workshop at the Diocese from 4-6pm (138 Tremont St, Boston)
  • 25-28th: Episcopal Urban Caucus Assembly in Connecticut
  • 3rd: LDI coaching clinic from 6-8:30pm
  • 28th: LDI training from 9-5pm
  • 7th: Diocesan Resource Day- Churches connecting with needs of communities
  • 14th: Peace Collaborative Basketball Tournament at Reggie Lewis (1350 Tremont St, Boston)
  • 18th: Metrowest Chamber of Commerce meeting
  • 7th: LDI coaching clinic from 6-8:30pm
  • 3rd-4th: Trauma and resiliency youth event at Trinity (206 Clarendon St, Boston)
  • 4th: Youth summit with Bird Street
  • 5th: LDI coaching clinic from 6-8:30pm
  • 10th: Mother’s Day Walk for Peace (
  • 2nd: STAR focused event for adults
  • 4th: LDI year end event
  • End of year leadership team retreat

For more information, contact Christine Duggan at christine@ststephensbos.org 


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