The B-PEACE Youth Jobs and Workforce Development Committee works to address the economic dimension of community violence in and around Boston. Acknowledging that poverty is a root cause of violence, the B-PEACE Youth Jobs and Workforce Development Committee strives to build the capacity of Episcopalians to affect positive change by becoming proactive creators of economic justice. Research shows that when teenagers and young adults have access to opportunities for meaningful employment, violent crime rates decrease.  The Rich and the Rest of Us argues persuasively that employment is key to the ability of formerly incarcerated citizens to get their lives back on track and for young mothers trying to provide stable and supportive homes for their children. *********************************************************************** April through June marks the budget season for Massachusetts legislators, which means it’s an important time to reach out to your local representatives and senators about funding for youth employment programs. What are we asking for?  There are three priority items that we have selected in partnership with the Youth Jobs Coalition and the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence surrounding youth employment. 1. Youthworks: this is a program that helps youth from several targeted cities across Massachusetts get summer jobs. For more information on this program, click here. We are asking for $13 million in the FY2016 budget for this program. 2. Safe and Successful Youth Initiative: this program funds grants to community partners who work to prevent violence among at-risk youth. For more information, click here.  We are asking for $9.5 million in the the FY2016 budget for this program. 3. School to career programs: these programs support youth by extending their education outside of the classroom to help prepare them for their futures. Find out more here.  We are asking for $5 million for FY2016. Through the end of the budget season in June 2015, B-PEACE will be working on accomplishing these goals. We can’t do it without your help though! Please contact to learn how you can get involved with our organizing for youth jobs.  WHAT THE B-PEACE FOR JORGE CAMPAIGN HAS DONE SO FAR…
  • Partner with Youth Jobs Coalition through winter and spring
  • Lobby for state funding at state-wide rally in February with 75 B-PEACE leaders
  • Mobilize leaders in 35 congregations to contact (call/meet) their state legislators to secure state budget funding for teen jobs
  • Continue to lobby Massachusetts legislators for funding through individual meetings with state representatives and senators
  • Partner with the Private Industry Council and local Chambers of Commerce for jobs fairs and professional trainings for teens
  • Renew 100 private industry jobs created by B-PEACE in the past two years
Teens Rally for Job Support at Beacon Hill The B-PEACE for Jorge Campaign partners with organizations that specialize in both the legislative and private sector dimensions of job creation. The B-PEACE Youth Jobs and Workforce Development Subcommittee has worked with the Youth Jobs Coalition (YJC) and the Boston Private Industry Council (Boston PIC) for three years, bringing over 100 new youth jobs to Boston teenagers. Bishop's Breakfast The Second Annual Bishop’s Business Leader’s Breakfast gathered business and church leaders for an informational gathering on March 6, 2014. Check out the commitment cards that attendees completed at the breakfast HERE. Anyone who would like to learn more about creating jobs for teenagers can sign up here to learn more.  
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