The B-PEACE Youth and Family Engagement Committee provides training and experience to develop leaders who build healthy communities.   B-PEACE partners with trauma-informed resilience (STAR) based ministries which develop the capacity for anti-violence and peace-building work. We offer support for clergy and lay leaders, including training in resilience-centered ministry, trauma awareness, and tools for understanding and addressing violence and the cycles of violence that ministries are called to help heal.

We hold the church to be an important community for welcoming and supporting youth and families; providing spiritual nourishment; and initiating and sustaining relationships which can help in the prevention of violence as well as be a healing place for youth and families who have been impacted by violence.  We have the opportunity to benefit not only from employing the best of community-based practices, but to live our mission as a transformative presence through mutual ministry addressing violence within our communities.

Please contact B-PEACE for Jorge at to learn about leadership trainings, STAR workshops, or other resiliency events. 

Check out Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) here

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